Our Seniors say

Stories from those who come to the Hill Country Senior Center…

The Hill Country Senior Center has become the high point in many of our lives. Things to do and friends to make. From sewing, crafts, painting, dance and various types of exercise. Thank God for this place.
    Margaret Stacey

The Senior Center is conveniently located on west Hwy 290. There I find old and new friends with whom I enjoy spending time in execise classes, a delicious lunch…and as of recently, line dancing! It is a very welcoming place!
    Eunice W.

I would like to express my thoughts of the Line Dancing Program. I joined to get this kind of exercise and have fun. When I started, my legs hurt…but now, I’m able to get through the entire dance lesson just fine! It has also helped with my balance and thinking power!

I first want to thank all of the people it takes to run our Senior Center. They are truly devoted to making our days happy and full. I moved here a year ago. I knew no-one. But since making the Senior Center my “Go To” place, my list of friends is endless! We laugh together, exersize together, take Painting Classes and Line Dance classes together…we also eat the fabulous food together…This Center is alive with activities. It has made my life so much more enriched!
    Mary Ann Stuart

The people who run the Senior Center have so much warmth and enthusiasm and that has become contagious. Seniors, to my mind, seem to have a thirst for learning new things. Because of all of the programs that have been developed here at the Senior Center, that desire is being fulfilled. How fortunate we are to have this Senior Center. The creativity and energy is very much appreciated.
    Joan Shepack

What the Senior Center means to me: I have established new friends and enjoy meeting up with old friends. I enjoy well balanced meals at a reasonable price. I really like learning different Art techniques from the different classes being offered. I have really loved the Line Dancing…which is good exercise (which I need). I like to play different games like ‘42’ dominos and Bingo. I am able to do all these things at the Senior Center. The Senior Center is keeping me active in my ‘senior’ years!
    Dianne Butler

When I moved at age 83 to Dripping Springs on January 4th this year (2017) I didn't know anyone, except my daughter…with whom I had come to live. I knew that I needed to find something to occupy my time. I sought out the local Senior Center. Well…I found it and started going to exercise classes. I had been isolated for quite a few years and needed activity. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging. I signed up for Art Classes and had a blast using mediums that I formerly had never used…even though I had painted with oils some fifteen years ago. Happily I went to watercolor classes and found that this would be a wonderful new beginning...I felt liberated!!! I am challenged to study to be better at painting. I liked finding wonderful lunches provided for a low price and many other activities to occupy my time. Most of all I have found some delightful people whose company I have enjoyed. Their joy and enthusiasm is contagious! For everything I am truly grateful.